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Radon is quite prevalent in much of Chicagoland.  In addition to your own health considerations, if when you sell the house you are proposing to buy without having it tested for radon first, you run the risk, not only your family's health, but of having to install and pay for a system before your sale closing.

If you would like to have the presence of radon tested for please let me know as soon as possible.  I have experience with radon abatement systems and their repair from my own house.  I get excellent service from my radon cooperator, but they like to be able to plan their route the day before.  They typically plan their equipment setup for the two day air sampling test to correspond with my inspection, so as to not have to make special arrangements with the sellers or realtors for the setup.  If in the Fox Valley the usual charge is $175.  Farther from the Fox Valley the normal fee is $200.  Call Radon Testing Services with any questions (630) 935-2888.