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LegalShield provides access to a network of top-rated firms that provide legal services and advice to members for the monthly fee of $19.95, and there are no contracts.

Your Closing: In Illinois the closing process is almost always done by, or involves an attorney, and to protect your interests we strongly recommend that you consult one as well.

Other services that you can avail of for no addional cost include advice and consultation, will preparation and annual review, living wills, traffic ticket representation, landlord/tenant issues, contract and document review, civil trial defense, and uncontested divorce.  The vast majority of legal needs are covered by the monthly fee, but for those that are not, or for pre-existing issues members receive a 25% discount from the provider attorney's standard hourly rate.  For an additional $9.95/month you can add your home-based business.

For more information and/or to get started please go to :

My LegalShield Testimonial: As an Independent LegalShield associate I am also a member.  In the past two years I have used LegalShield many times, including one real estate transfer, an uncontested divorce, business incorporation, and contract preparation.  It has saved me many times the cost of membership.

Mike/Budget Home and Business Inspection