Welcome to Budget Home Inspection.  Because buying a home is such a significant investment, and because home maintenance and repair may not be your field of expertise, I recommend taking some of that risk out of the process by having your prospective new home inspected, even if it was recently remodeled or refurbished (sometimes especially then).  Oftentimes my clients may not have had much time to look the home over before having to make the decision to make an offer, or perhaps their first walkthrough was at night and much of what needed consideration to help make a more discriminating decision was not visible.  A home inspection gives you a chance to take a much closer look.


My name is Mike Champoux (pronounced Shampoo), I am licensed and insured and I have decades of experience working in new construction, flipping, and remodeling inside and out.  To tell the truth, I have never bought a house in good condition and have never lived in a house with a dry basement.  Whatever your concern is, I probably have first-hand experience with it.  I’ve purchased and refurbished some real doozies!

One of the things that I like most about my job is that I get to meet a lot of new people, I really am a people person.  My clients pretty much always become people that I consider to be my friends, and of course, who doesn’t want to take care of their friends?  Just a quick FYI, I don’t request reviews from my clients, but I now have 72 nice reviews on Home Advisor, 10 on Google, and no negative reviews.

The Day of the Inspection

I consider myself your employee for the day, and you can choose to follow me during the inspection as closely as you would like.  Some follow me closely, others work remotely on their phone or laptop from the kitchen table and I am able to come and get them to point out things that I think they should be aware of.

How Soon Is The Report Sent Out

With few exceptions, I send out my reports as a PDF file before midnight on the same day.  For those that cannot attend the inspection at all, photos of almost every item of concern are incorporated right into the report.   With a simple text, call, or email request I can forward a copy of an actual inspection report from a past client that gave me permission to use it as a sample report.  This same software creates a summary page of items of concern that are listed as ‘Marginal’ or ‘Defective’  that are numbered and can then be used by the client, realtor, and lawyer to address items of concern without rereading the entire report.


Scheduling is very often difficult, it’s not always easy to take time out of a busy workday for the inspection.  If that describes your situation I have several alternatives for you.  The first of course is that you don’t really have to be there unless you want to be, but as your realtor will tell you, it’s a good idea to be there if you are able.  If, however, you can show up toward the end of the inspection I can take you around the house and point out the various major concerns that have been identified.  This way, in 15 minutes you can be up to speed on those things that you may not have noticed in your previous visit.

To Realtors

Because I have owned and operated a business for much of my adult life I understand how important your clients are to you.  Buying a home can be an especially anxious time for many people and I do my very best to address their concerns and put them into their proper perspective.  Clients can always call me directly regarding any concerns they may have, including long after they have purchased and moved into their new home.


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