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About The Report

Getting Started-The Contract

The same regulatory body that regulates realtors in Illinois also regulates home inspectors and requires that I have an inspection contract before beginning an inspection.  I am required to keep these contracts on file for five years following the inspection.  I use Adobe Sign to email the contract, which can then be signed online and sent back.  The information on the top of the form helps me stay organized and also confirms to me that the client is serious and going forward with the inspection.  So please send the contract back as soon as you know you want to go forward and I will then block out that time on my calendar.

Report Redundancy

Due to government oversight, there are many components of the report that may seem obvious or redundant to you.  As you read your report and these thoughts occur to you, just know that those are likely those parts of the report that are required to be in the report by the state regulatory agency (IDFPR).